Green Umbrella and the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance are challenging you to improve your home’s energy efficiency and help the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region reduce its energy use!

The Green Umbrella Energy Conservation Action Team has set a goal to reduce the region’s energy consumption in the built environment by 15% by 2020. Reaching this goal can be achieved with the help of all Green Umbrella member organizations and homeowners across the region.  

Reaching this goal will be beneficial on many levels.

  • Individual homeowners benefit from increased energy savings and comfort as a result of their investments.
  • Green Umbrella and its members benefit from significant progress being made on a major sustainability goal.
  • The region benefits from a collective reduction in energy consumption, reducing the stress on the environment we live in.

For a limited time, the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance is offering:

  • Reduced cost whole home energy assessments
  • Up to 50% off to help make your home energy improvements affordable
  • Access to a low-interest loan
  • Access to a network of trained and approved local contractors

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your home’s performance and savings while helping our member organizations prove who has the most energy conscious membership! Be sure o choose your affiliated Green Umbrella member organization when you sign up for your home energy assessment.



How You Can Benefit

  • Reduced utility consumption = reduced utility bills = ongoing monthly savings
  • Increased home comfort and safety
  • Improved home performance and efficiency

Easy Home Energy Saving Tips

  • Unplug appliances and chargers when not in use so they don’t drain power even when off.
  • Wash full loads of laundry in cold water to save energy.
  • Reduce electricity usage by switching to CFL light bulbs.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to decrease heating/cooling costs.
  • Use blinds and shades to reduce heat entering through windows from sunlight.
  • Use low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators and fix leaky plumbing to reduce water use.
  • Make sure windows and doors are closed when heating and cooling your home.
  • Make sure lights, TVs, and entertainment systems are turned off when not being used.
  • Air dry dishes and clothes when possible instead of using dryers that use energy.
  • Clean or replace furnace and air-conditioner filters regularly to ensure they run efficiently.
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