Community Assessment, Planning & Zoning

Goal: To promote community development to support regional foods and coalitions.

  1. Food System Assessment: Assess how we can have an impact as an ongoing project.
  2. Promote adoption of Healthy Food Resolution by jurisdictions in our region.
  3. Resource development: Create regional mapping and spreadsheets of relevant data/resources.
  4. Track zoning related to agriculture and other food system issues.
  5. Determine what policies need to be implemented locally regarding food waste.

Community Assessment, Planning & Zoning

Goal: To support regional foods and associated coalitions through data collection and dissemination, policy recommendations, and community planning. 

  • Restaurants, schools and other area institutions have policies to divert surplus food from landfills to recovery and composting facilities.
  • Municipalities, regional governments and institutions incorporate good food production, distribution, access, and disposal in regional planning and sustainability goals and documents.
  • Municipalities, counties, businesses and foundations fund and operate loan and/or grant programs that encourage agricultural land use.

Current Projects

Coming soon.

Recent Work


In the Central Ohio River Valley

December 2013

Published by Green Umbrella

Written by Kristin Gangwer

This report, funded by Interact for Health, is a comprehensive analysis of local food efforts in the Greater Cincinnati region as of 2013 and includes a unified blueprint for moving forward.

 See More:  State of Local Food Report.pdf

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