Below are the current projects of the various work groups. If you would like to get involved, attend a meeting or contact the Director at or 513-541-1538. 

Healthy Food Access and Consumption Workgroup

Advocating for healthcare providers to invest in healthy food access

    • Providing input to the CHNA process and proposals on how hospitals can invest in healthy food access points in our region. 
    • Strategizing how to get health insurance companies promoting healthy food access programming by the hospitals through reimbursements or mandates to the hospitals. 
Healthy food access at farmers markets. 
    • Supporting a state-wide effort to secure funding for nutrition incentive programs.  

Land Use & Production Workgroup

Planning, Zoning, Assessment & Waste Workgroup

Water access 
  • After reviewing the costs of water access, surveying gardens for their water access needs and interests, and exploring how to reduce costs and increase availability, the workgroup is compiling information into a how-to guide for gardens to obtain water access.  
Urban Ag Zoning 
  • The director and members of the council have been advising an inter-departmental committee on proposed changes. A draft proposal should be available for review in Fall 2018 and the Council is arranging community outreach to educate neighborhoods on the potential ordinance. 
  • Norwood is considering a market garden ordinance to allow vacant lots to be used for production. Contact me if you live in Norwood and would like more details. 
Neighborhood organic waste collection
  • GoZero is working to set up neighborhood organic waste in Cincinnati, where community members can drop off their waste at a community tote that they haul every week. Cost is around $3600 a year, and they're looking for a host site and funding. 
Food Waste Reduction  
  • Susan Jorgensen has been hired as the Share Table Ambassador in our region to promote share tables to schools and create community and regulator connections as needed for their successful implementation.  
  • We are partnering with Hamilton Co Recycling and Solid Waste District to establish a Smart Kitchens program where we help offset the cost of adopting a waste tracking and reduction software such as LeanPath. Save the Food Fellows are helping to recruit kitchens and coordinate implementation of the technologies and food recovery apps. 

Distribution & Procurement Workgroup

University procurement policy 
  • We are exploring how to organize students to be advocates for local, sustainable procurement policies at their Universities 
Good Food Purchasing Program
  • The Cincinnati Public Schools have undergone an evaluation of their supply chain. The results of the analysis are expected in November 2018. 
Farm to School
  • In partnership with LFAT members, we are applying for a farm to school planning grant to develop F2S action plans for interested schools in our region. 

Other uncategorized/cross-sectional work

statewide FPC platform - launching at OFPN Summit September 24th
  • In collaboration with OEFFA, the Ohio F2S Network, Produce Perks Midwest, and other FPCs, we are working ti create a statewide policy platform for FPCs to support that will help address our priority issues of land access for beginning farmers, institutional purchasing, and funding of nutrition incentive programs. 
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