Manager of Visitor Services

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Organization: MetroParks of Butler County

Summary: The employee in this position is responsible for the oversight of scheduling for MetroParks facilities, grounds, and program reservations; special events/contracts; and implementation of related policies and procedures and requires the exercise of discretion and independent judgement. The Manager of Visitor Services supervises assigned personnel who perform Visitor Services functions.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities – Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for the supervision, coordination and/or implementation of facility, grounds and program reservations, special event and tournament scheduling and contract development.
  • Responsible for the MetroParks reservations system, and trains MetroParks staff utilizing reservation system software and processes. In the absence of subordinate staff, performs receptionist duties and/or makes/takes reservations. Provides general park system information in response to inquiry and facilitates communication between staff and between customers and staff as assigned.
  • Responsible for maintaining, organizing accurate and up to date facility reservation paperwork, including lease agreements, payments, changes, etc. or supervises the same.
  • Recommends policies, long-range goals and objectives for or related to assigned divisions.
  • Develops and implements management plans and procedures for assigned functions.
  • Prepares division/department budget information as assigned. Researches potential costs and revenues, for specific projects, activities or for assigned division/department. Requests and purchases services, supplies, materials and necessary equipment according to established policies, or supervises same.
  • Supervises, directs or takes inventories of supplies and equipment. Conducts necessary correspondence and prepares required reports in a timely manner.
  • Supervises, schedules, trains and provides regular guidance and direction to staff, volunteers and special work program enrollees as assigned and/or supervises subordinate staff who do so.
  • Responsible for the general MetroParks office supply system. Including periodically researching competitive pricing, inventory control, ordering and distribution of supplies and working with MetroParks staff to forecast annual needs for accurate budgeting each year.
  • Responsible for managing contracts/accounts for MetroParks reservation software, phone system and copy machines. Including development of RFPs and otherwise researching competitive pricing, recommending equipment purchases, developing procedures and maintenance/service contract negotiation.
  • Collects payments, fees, oversees and/or performs sales, keeps accurate sales records and other revenue functions in a timely and accurate fashion pursuant to organizational policy and/or supervised and requires the same from subordinates assigned to perform these duties.
  • Works closely with the Facility and Events Manager, Administration, Community Relations, and Operations to support all assigned enterprise operations. Works with staff to identify target markets and prepare strategies to generate business prospects.
  • Conducts meetings, and makes presentations as needed. Routinely attends meetings as a representative of MetroParks.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to work unsupervised, to organize and coordinate, to prioritize and self-initiate, and to manage administrative detail through the use of established high standards of procedure.
  • Ability to maintain confidentially on sensitive issues and non-public records. Requires subordinates to operate within same guidelines.
    • Duty includes the exercise of discretion and independent judgment with respect to MetroParks matters of significance.
  • Must be able to communicate and deal tactfully and in a timely and effective manner with superiors, subordinates, co-workers, and the general public in-person or via email, phone, or written document.
  • Ability to maintain a professional, cooperative working relationship with supervisors, other staff members, customers, and volunteers and exhibit a “can do” positive attitude which maximizes the efficient utilization of all available resources to accomplish assigned tasks. Responds in a timely fashion to customer and staff communications.
  • The physical ability to perform labor and the tasks noted above is required of this position as well as possession of the ability to effectively, efficiently, and safely complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.

Required Education and Experience:

  • A minimum of a two (2) year degree from an accredited college or technical school in business administration, management, hospitality accounting or a closely related field; or a high school diploma and a minimum of five (5) years prior applicable experience.
  • At least three (3) years prior experience as a proven effective supervisor, and must have the ability to effectively motivate assigned subordinates and/or volunteers (proven leadership skills), and demonstrated high level of reliability to complete assigned and necessary tasks in a timely and efficient manner is required at the time of employment.
  • Proficiency in filing; knowledge of proper telephone etiquette; good diction; knowledge of proper word usage, punctuation and letter-writing skills; fluent in conversational English; and competency in the correct operation of standard office equipment.
  • Proficient using the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or similar non-proprietary software. Basic computer and software competency, which includes use of email, spreadsheets, and word processing is required. Experience with event scheduling software and graphic design software a plus.
  • A valid driver’s license with an acceptable motor vehicle record allowing insurability by the park district’s current vehicle insurance carrier under existing coverage provisions at the time of employment and thereafter. Candidates may not have more than 4 total points (or equivalent penalty) issued by a recognized licensing authority for driving-related violations on their driving record at the time of employment and thereafter.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are required.
  • Good moral character with no history of serious criminal activity (felony convictions).

Preferred Education and Experience:

  • Experience with event scheduling software and database management.

Work Environment & Schedule:

This position is a full-time, exempt position that performs administrative, confidential and supervisory tasks; has the authority to implement hiring, transfer, suspension, layoff, recall, promotion, discharge, reward and/or discipline of other employees requiring use of independent judgement. Candidate must maintain a flexible schedule which may include work on evenings, holidays and weekends. The Manager of Visitors Services shall carry a smart phone and respond to priority calls and urgent emails 24 hours a day.

Physical Demands:

General good health as it relates to the ability to perform the tasks required of this position. While performing the duties of this job, the Manager of Visitor Services is regularly required to stay in a stationary position, to traverse, and to converse effectively. This employee may occasionally move up to 25 pounds. Reasonable accommodation will be made for known physical limitations of qualified employees and applicants with disabilities.

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