Green Umbrella facilitates cross-sector collaboration in four Impact Areas:

    PEOPLE: We want residents of our region to thrive because they have access to nature, healthy environments, fresh food and transportation options. 

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    POLICY: We want local governments across our 10 county region to reduce their climate footprint and use natural systems and smart development to improve their livability and resiliency. 

    Learn more about our Climate Policy work to help communities and local governments enhance their climate resilience.

    BUILT ENVIRONMENT: We want property managers to improve the sustainability of their campuses and the health of people who work and play in them. 
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    LANDSCAPE: We want our vibrant landscape to provide quality habitat, ecosystem services (including carbon sequestration and stormwater management) and connect people to place and each other.
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    Green Umbrella's collective impact work is supported by the generosity of:

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