building demand for bike infrastructure in Newport, Kentucky

About the Connect NKY Route and Facility Design

This is a two-way protected bike lane.

This facility is installed on E. Fifth Street from Monmouth Street to Saratoga Street.

Also known as a "two-way cycle track," this facility repurposes existing space in the roadway to create a trail-like experience. On-street parking was shifted outside the bike lane to provide an additional barrier between traffic and the bike lane.  Protected bike lanes offer a high level of comfort for less confident riders.

This is a one-way protected bike lane.

This facility is installed on Saratoga Street from Third Street to E. Southgate Street and also from Fifth Street to Sixth Street.

Also known as a "one-way cycle track," this facility utilizes existing space in the roadway while providing physical separation from traffic.  One-way protected bike lanes offer a higher level of comfort than a bike lane without separation and can be practical when there's not enough space to do a two-way protected bike lane.  Protected bike lanes offer a high level of comfort for less confident riders.

These are shared lane markings.

This facility is installed on Saratoga Street from Fourth Street to Fifth Street and Sixth Street to Ninth Street, as well as Fifth Street from Saratoga Street to the public library,

Also known as a "sharrow," this facility is a minimal intervention of pavement markings to indicate that bicyclists may ride with traffic.  Sharrows are frequently used on low-speed, low-traffic streets to create more visibility for bicyclists.  We included scooters in our shared lane markings because scooters are supposed to ride in the street too!

Connect NKY Background

With its relatively flat topography, dense urban layout, and destinations in close proximity to residential areas, the City of Newport has the potential to become a true bike-centric community. However, bike lanes, trails, and other facilities are critical to creating a safe environment to encourage everyday riders and show that bikes belong in Newport.

That's where Connect NKY comes in. Connect NKY is a privately funded challenge that enables individuals, organizations and their respective cities to actively improve bike and pedestrian connections for their community. Connect NKY is presented by Tri-State Trails and made possible through the generous support of The Devou Good Project. In March of 2019, ReNewport, Southbank Partners, and the City of Newport were awarded this technical assistance grant through a competitive process.

Over the coming months we invite you to help us explore options for safe on-street bicycle routes in Newport to easily connect to everyday locations like grocery stores, schools, the library, and more. Through a series of community slow rides and meet-ups with residents, we will develop a plan to build out a temporary, week-long community event that will take place October 11-20, 2019. This process is to as “tactical urbanism” where low cost, temporary measures are taken to test bike infrastructure. The goals of this event are to:

  1. Give people a safe, comfortable space to try biking for one week for everyday errands and school commuting.
  2. Give leadership an opportunity to see and explore various options for possible future bike infrastructure.
  3. Promote biking as a financially feasible and healthy mode of transportation for all Newport residents.

While this project encourages biking through the installation of a temporary route and program, and with it art and placemaking, the ultimate objective is to use this shared experience to inform more permanent street investments in the future.

Connect NKY Mini Demonstration at Newport National Night Out

Connect NKY Slow Ride #2

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