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September 04, 2019 12:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Organization: Ohio River Foundation






Postcard and Poster Distribution—(mid-September) —Help us spread the word by distributing posters and postcards to coffee shops and other venues in downtown Cincinnati.

Social Media and Publicity—(ongoing) —Share the excitement of the Cincinnati Coffee Festival by sharing posts with your following. Have other ideas about getting the word out? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Premium Bag Insert and Silent Auction Donation Solicitation—(ongoing) —Do you have contacts who might be interested in placing an item in the bag for premium ticket holders? Or who might contribute something for the winners of the Latte Art Throwdown or to be used in the Silent Auction Baskets? We need your help. (There is a small fee for placement in the premium gift bag—we will provide all the details. Donations for the Latte Art Throwdown prizes and for the Silent Auction Basket may receive a donation letter from Ohio River Foundation (501(c)3).)

Silent Auction Basket Creation—Know how to build beautiful baskets? We are collecting items for a silent auction and we’ll need someone with experience and creativity to create eye-catching and donation-inspiring baskets.

Premium Bag Stuffing—(mid-September)—Help stuff the bags being given to premium ticket holders. Will be on a weekend day in mid-September in the Blue Ash area.

Addressing Thank You Cards—(mid-September) —This requires someone with beautiful handwriting to address Thank You notes. Envelopes will be picked up from and returned to Blue Ash, but actual addressing will be done at your convenience.

The Art of Coffee—(ongoing) Know professional and/or amateur artists who work in (or might be interested in working in) the coffee space? This could be using coffee or coffee beans, paintings or photos of coffee or coffee related items, or a whole slew of other avenues. We’re looking for creativity and excellence. Please help spread the word.

Recruiting Volunteers—(ongoing)—It takes a lot of hands to ensure the Cincinnati Coffee Festival is a fabulous event for our attendees and vendors. With the move to the Duke Energy Convention Center, we’ll need even more people. Do you know people who love coffee and tea, love to volunteer, or just need something to do in October? Please spread the word that we need help. All volunteers get free admission to the Festival on the day they volunteer.


Volunteers will not set up chairs, platforms, or pipe and drape as that is the responsibility of Duke and the pipe and drape vendor.

Vendor Check-in—Vendor check-in requires two positive, detail-oriented volunteers to greet each vendor, review their check-in sheet with them, assign vendor badges, and direct them to their assigned booth. These people will also answer general questions about the Festival and be a primary point of contact for the Festival organizers.

General Move In—In this role, volunteers will assist with unloading boxes and other necessary items from the vans, moving items to the ballroom floor, and helping to stage the event. This role will include setting up the selfie stations, greeting vendors, distributing linens per the pre-purchase lists, setting up demo areas and speaker venues, and other general assistance.

The Coffee Shop—The Coffee Shop is the Cincinnati Coffee Festival Store. Volunteers will unpack merchandise and set up the store display. Once attendees arrive, workers here will assist people with their purchases.

The Art of Coffee—Setting up The Art of Coffee involves collecting and signing in art work as it is delivered, setting up the boards and grids for displaying art work, mounting the art, and setting up accessories for selling art. Once attendees arrives, volunteers here will speak with attendees about the art on display and will assist with sales of the art.


Welcome Desk—The Welcome Desk Greeter is responsible for acting as the main point of contact in the lobby area of the Cincinnati Coffee Festival. This person will sign in speakers and musicians, register press representatives, and make decisions about the Festival. On Friday, this person will be responsible for pointing vendors to the vendor registration area.

Ticket Sales—Ticket Sales volunteers will be located in the lobby in front of the Grand Ballroom and will instruct attendees to purchase tickets electronically on their cell phones. When necessary, these volunteers will use their cell phones to help people purchase tickets.

Admissions—Volunteers will download the ticketing app on their cell phones and use their phones to scan electronic tickets.

Crowd Control—Crowd control volunteers are responsible for ensuring that all attendees use the appropriate doors to the Grand Ballroom and have their ticket(s) appropriately scanned. Crowd control volunteers will also assist at the Latte Art Throwdown and other crowded areas as needed.

Premium Bag Handout—Volunteers will greet premium ticket holders and give them their gift bag.

Latte Art Throwdown—The Latte Art Throwdown is one of the premier events of the Festival. Volunteers will get a front row view of the action as they manage the flow of competitors, run cups and supplies, record results, and give the prizes to the MC for distribution.

Latte Art in Action-MC—The M.C. at the Latte Art in Action booth will narrate the process, interview baristas and participants, and encourage attendees to participate.

Latte Art in Action-Camera—The Camera operator will handle the live video so that attendees can see what is happening at the Latte Art in Action attraction.

Campfire Coffee—The volunteer at Campfire Coffee will be on hand for photos, helping speakers, and helping seat people. This is a new feature, so a make-it-happen, adaptable attitude is necessary.

The Coffee Shop—The Coffee Shop is the Cincinnati Coffee Festival Store. Workers here will assist people with their purchases and maintain the appearance of the store for appearance and ease of shopping. The final shift on Saturday will re-set the store for opening on Sunday. The final shift each day will reconcile sales and give the cash to one of the Festival Volunteer Captains. (Captains will also pick up cash at various times during the day.)

Selfie-stations—Volunteers at the selfie stations will encourage attendees to stop for a photo, help them pose and (using the attendees phones) take their picture, encourage them to post to social media using the Coffee Festival hashtags, and gently encourage donations. These people will also keep an eye on the accessory table and the donation baskets.

Musicians—The Cincinnati Coffee Festival has a regular schedule of live musicians performing. The volunteer for this part of the Festival will greet the musical group, escort them to the performance area, and ensure they have everything they need. This person will also ensure that the performers receive their compensation by working with the Coffee Festival Director to ensure the checks are available and distributed.

Water and Milk Distribution—Vendors have the option of pre-purchasing water and milk. The volunteers here will distribute water and milk per the pre-purchase summary at the beginning of each day and check with the vendors who have pre-purchased to see if they need refills. In addition, these volunteers will be responsible for filling out sales sheets for any vendor who wishes to purchase water or milk on-site (availability permitting). This role requires being able to lift 10-gallon jugs of water.


Striking the Festival as quickly, efficiently, and carefully as possible is critical to ensuring we do not run into overage charges and that all items are taken care of so they can be used in the future. Volunteers will not move chairs, platforms, or pipe and drape as that is the responsibility of Duke and the pipe and drape vendor.

Break-down—The Art of Coffee—This involves not only taking down all the remaining art work, but also packing and cataloguing what is left for return to the artists.

Break-down—Demo Areas—Volunteers will breakdown and repack the electronic equipment at the Demo and Speaker areas.

Break-down—The Coffee Shop—The team breaking down The Coffee Shop will repack all items appropriately as well as take down hanging accessories and any grid wall used in this area.

Break-down—General—These are our “go to” volunteers who are available to help move packed boxes to the van, collect linens (per the Linen Sheet), and help wherever needed to ensure a smooth transition.

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