Bowles Woods

Hamilton County, Ohio

Old-Growth Beech, Oak, and Hickory

This ridge and slope forest contains old-growth trees, sinkholes, and Ordovician limestone outcrops. Beeches are confined to the east-facing slopes, while oaks and hickories are more prominent on the drier west-facing slopes exposed to the prevailing wind and hotter afternoon sun. The sinkholes formed when stormwater, dissolving away limestone, caused ceilings of underground chambers to collapse.

Protected by Great Parks of Hamilton County

Bowles Woods is located in Miami Whitewater Forest, the largest park in the county. The Park District acquired the 18-acre tract in 1950 from Charles and Rose Bowles.

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How to Find Bowles Woods

The site is located along both sides of Timberlakes Drive beginning a few hundred yards south of the Beech Bluff Shelter.

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