• April 27, 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Organization: Western Wildlife Corridor

The 15th Annual Flower-a-Thon is a quest in search of the beautiful wildflowers throughout the Western Wildlife Corridor. It’s a day of hiking the beautiful forested hillsides of the Ohio River Valley. You can join hikes led by experienced wildflower enthusiasts. You will have a chance to see uncommon flowers like drooping trillium, blue-eyed Mary, fern-leaf phacelia and, with a little luck, the green dragon and federally endangered running buffalo clover.

The morning hike (meet at 10am) will be at Kirby Nature Preserve, followed by lunch at the Kirby Nature Center.

The afternoon hike (meet in the parking lot on Bender Road just north of Hillside at 1:30 pm) will be at Bender Mountain Preserve. Dinner and socializing (meet at 5pm) will be at the Kirby Nature Center.

Per person fee is $20, which includes lunch and dinner.  Attendees are encouraged to collect donations in advance just like we’ve always done, but it’s not required.  This is still our biggest fundraising event, after all!   Donations enable us to preserve and protect precious hillside habitat along the Ohio River.

The Flower-a-thon is an excellent chance to have fun while increasing your knowledge and appreciation for wildflowers, no matter what your starting point is.  Everyone is welcome. Please join us!

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