Virtual 2021 Earth Day Celebration

  • April 22, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Virtual

Organization: Greater Cincinnati Earth Coalition

Virtual 2021 Earth Day Celebration

We will be having a Virtual Earth Day Event April 22, 2021 on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube social media channels. Please check in to learn about all the cool and creative ways environmental organizations around the globe are celebrating the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day. GCEC will be sharing some ways we are sustaining hope through this crisis and inviting all of you to join us on social media—everything from transitioning our flagship event, Earth Day, into a digital event available to more people than ever, we’re going to be thinking of all the ways we can support one another. Meanwhile, we are inviting you to share your stories and ideas with us. What is keeping you going right now? What kind of support could a community like ours provide? Online courses? Interviews with technical experts?

Greater Cincinnati Earth Day Celebration 2021 is supported by Blue Ash Summit Park, Edible Ohio Valley Magazine and Natorp’s Nursery Outlet.


9:00 am Recycling - What Goes Where?

9:30 am Planting Flowers from Seed for a Pollinator Garden

10:00 am Checking Your Solar Panels for Optimum Electricity Production

10:30 am Keeping Your Bicycle and Car in Shape

11:00 am Using the "Plant Snap" App to Identify Flowers

11:30 am How To Sew a Face Mask to Keep Others Safe

12:00 pm Planning Your Deck Garden for Tomatoes and Lettuce Production

12:30 pm Composting "One, Two, Three" For Flower Beds

1:00 pm Using the SkyView App to Identify Stars and Planets

1:30 pm Making and Flying Paper Airplanes Off the Back Deck

2:00 pm Using the BirdSong app to Identify Birds

2:30 pm Analyzing Your Home's Energy Use with an Energy Sensor

3:00 pm Taking a Closer Look at Your Yard with a Magnifying Camera

3:15 pm Live at Natorp's Nursery Outlet3:30 pm How To Draw A Tree Class

4:00 pm Making Hummingbird Nectar

4:30 pm Taking a Walk in Mt. Storm

5:00 pm Caring for Your Pets

5:15 pm Live at Good Green Earth Farm to visit the new babies this year

5:30 pm Earth Day Songs with Kandyce Loraine

6:00 pm Gathering Things to Take To St. Vincent DePaul

6:30 pm How Does a Sun Dial Work?

7:00 pm Planning a Trip Using Public Transportation

7:30 pm How to Reduce Your Use of Plastic

8:00 pm Measuring Your Carbon Footprint

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