2021 Run the Riffles

  • September 25, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Salway Park 4336 Spring Grove Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45223

Organization: Mill Creek Alliance

 2021 Run the Riffles image

Join us for the 3rd Annual Mill Creek Alliance "Run the Riffles" Event!

Enjoy the Great Outdoor Weekend on the Mill Creek! Various activities throughtout the day are available. Join us for an Urban Stream Adventure on the Mill Creek with the expert guides of the Mill Creek Yacht Club (MCYC) or one of the opportunities for paddlers of every level. Register Here!

  • 9 am: The morning starts with kayak time trials. A fun paddle "race" around buoys and through riffles vying for the best time. Take a chance at winning on a 1/2 mile course through a set of riffles.
  • 10 -noon: BioBlitz! Walk the trails at Salway Park and learn about local species. Make observations using iNaturalist app and capture data to be included in the 2021 Mill Creek Bioblitz (Species Count).
  • 10 - noon: Explore macro invertebrates in the creek near Salway Park.
  • 11 am: A "Mini" Urban Stream Adventure from Salway to Yellow Bridge. Put-in at Salway main ramp, paddle down to Yellow Bridge (~1.3 mile). This is a Paddle/Peddle Loop trip, with the return trip back to Salway on bike or by foot.
  • 11 - 12:30 pm: Urban Hike along the Mill Creek Greenway trail, investigating ecosystems as well as the built environment along the trail. We will be looking at some of the restoration projects in the creek as well as some of the installation’s along the trail. These include the constructed riffles that mitigate the low head dam that cuts across Mill Creek, the edible forest garden located on the banks of Mill Creek at Freedom Tree, as well as discussing stormwater infastructure that we will pass along the way.
  • 11:30 - 12:30 am: Experience the Mill Creek by paddling upstream from Salway Park to a small sandbar just below the Clifton Avenue Bridge. A short and easy paddle with a stop on a sand bar for exploration. Round trip, put-in and take-out is less than 30 minutes, from Salway boat ramp.

Registration for the paddle is open now through noon on Friday, September 24th, or until all available seats have been reserved. Seats are limited.  Once tickets are sold out, you will be put on a waiting list. If you are on the waiting list, consider stopping down at Salway Park at the time of the event to check on last minute seat availability. All paddlers must sign a waiver form before embarking on the trip.  Paddle in one of our canoes or use your own kayak.  Sturdy foot wear (not opened toed) is required.  Come prepared for sun & bugs, wet & mud. In order to keep the experience safe for all participants, all paddlers should take precautions to protect each other from COVID spread (wear masks, maintain social distance, sign up in pairs for canoes and singles for kayaks, stay home if not feeling well, etc).

Opportunities in this section include: stream life (plants and animals-load of fish, turtles, heron and more), interesting architecture and bridges, familiar route via unfamiliar territory, highly populated, hands dirty/feet wet, and so much more.

Challenges on this section of the stream include: jagged and sharp objects in stream, required portaging of your canoe or kayak, low-head dams that can be hard to navigate, slow current and shallow waters during dry spells, strainers – overhanging branches where water current and depth are navigable, rocky riffles that are difficult to paddle or portage.

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