Bridging Occupant & Community Health

  • December 07, 2021
  • 1:00 PM
  • December 08, 2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • Online

Organization: USGBC

How does the health of an individual relate to the health of a community? Whose health is the building industry responsible for? The public health impact of buildings doesn’t begin or end at a sliding door. Building scale decisions can impact health across a variety of populations, time, and geographical scales. By reframing building and community health, we can identify more effective and cohesive strategies to support health and wellness for all.

On December 7-8, the USGBC Summit on Bridging Occupant & Community Health will look at key questions in promoting health for occupants and communities:
• What does leadership in this space look like?
• Health for whom? How is equity at the center of this conversation?
• What are practical tips professionals can take away and apply today to move this forward?
• What next-generation technologies will help us close the gap between concept and practice?

Professionals from complementary fields, Building Health and Public Health, will come together to discuss a 'community of practice' approach. Each session will be followed by a hosted conversation that integrates engagement opportunities. Attendees will be both experts and contributors; please come ready to contribute to the discussion as well as learn from our speakers.

Save the date for two days of high-level engagement with keynote speakers, advanced case studies, new technology, and explorations of emerging topics.

For more information contact Melanie Colburn, USGBC Director of Market Transformation & Development or Kelly Worden, USGBC Director of Health Research.

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