Earth Day Invasive Species Removal

  • April 23, 2022
  • Multiple Locations - Sharon Woods, Winton Woods, Woodland Mound

Organization: Great Parks of Hamilton County

About this event:

Great Parks will host three separate Earth Day activities across Hamilton County on Saturday, April 23, each with the goal of preserving and protecting natural landscapes by removing invasive species along current and future trail corridors.

Sharon Woods

Early in the day, Great Parks and volunteers will remove honeysuckle along the shared use trail that circles Sharon Lake. Honeysuckle is an invasive plant that competes against native species for water, nutrients and sunlight. The Great Parks team will explain how to identify invasive plants in home backyards, while leading volunteers to remove as much honeysuckle as possible from the trail area.

The Sharon Woods event will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Lakeside Lodge parking lot, 4661 E. Kemper Rd., Sharonville. The on-site contact is Jason Dickensheets, 937-572-7245.

Winton Woods

In Winton Woods, volunteers will also help to remove a particular variety of invasive species called garlic mustard. Garlic mustard is a plant with a two-year lifecycle that grows into dense clusters. It overwhelms these areas and displaces native species and young trees, harming forested areas. Because its seeds are very small, they move around easily, allowing the plant to spread over wide areas. Volunteers will learn how to identify and remove garlic mustard in the park and at home.

Activities will start at 9 a.m. at the Great Oaks Trailhead, near the Oak Hill picnic area, just west of 10245 Winton Rd., Cincinnati, on Valleyview Drive. The on-site contact is Adam McCosham, 513-978-7198.

Woodland Mound

At Woodland Mound, the third Great Parks Earth Day event will also include the removal of invasive honeysuckle. Trail enthusiasts will cut honeysuckle and vines to prepare for the extension of the Hedgeapple Trail.

The Woodland Mound event will begin at noon at the Weston Shelter on Woodland Mound Drive just north of 8250 Old Kellogg Rd., Cincinnati. The on-site contact is Dan Hart, 513-250-0925.

Registration can be found here.

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