NestWatch Training: NKY Bluebird Trail Monitors

  • May 14, 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Kenton County Public Works - 420 Independence Station Road, Independence KY

Organization: Kenton Country Parks & Recreation

About this event:

Kenton County Parks & Recreation will be hosting a NestWatch training for our NKY Bluebird Trail Monitors. A light lunch will be served.

This fun, informative meeting is for those interested in our feathered friends! This is for current nest box monitors and those interested in volunteering to help monitor the Northern Kentucky Bluebird Trail nestboxes during the breeding season. In Kentucky, that’s from late-March and into August. We are looking for a few new monitors.

Chrisula Stone, NKY Bluebird Trail Monitor and NestWatch Coordinator, will present the training. It will begin with an introduction and talk with pictures about the Eastern Bluebird and other cavity nesting birds. You’ll hear about the purpose and benefits of the NKY Bluebird Trail and explanation of the tasks of a nest box monitor, along with some of the joys and yes, heartbreaks of nest box monitoring.

Monitors generally work in teams of two and record their observations for a series of nestboxes, noting such data as first nest-building activity, and which species is using the nestbox. Each monitor will receive a packet of information and instructions on being a monitor.

Registration (required prior to May 12) can be found here.

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