Capability Farm Field Trip

  • June 26, 2022
  • 7:15 AM
  • Meeting Place Disclosed Post-Registration

Organization: Audubon Society of Ohio

About this event:

Leader: Ann Oliver, (513) 307-0929

When was the last time you saw a Northern Bobwhite? If you’re still thinking, this trip is for you.

Capability Farm is a privately owned farm outside of Versailles, Indiana that has been transformed into a nature preserve. Many years ago the farm's owners, Bob & Ellen Mulford, decided to restore their four-hundred acre working farm to native habitats in cooperation with the U.S. Conservation Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Indiana Department of Natural Resources. This nature preserve now includes a diverse mix of prairie, wetland, and woodland and has attracted more than 200 species of birds to the property. This is a wonderful example of how privately held properties can be restored to a natural state.

Join our trip leader Ann Oliver for what should be a wonderful morning walk as we explore this southeastern Indiana nature preserve. Ann is an expert and outstanding birder, a conservationist and a current board member of our Audubon Society. Due to the varied habitats on the preserve we have a very good chance at seeing a diversity of breeding birds. Red-headed Woodpecker, Summer Tanager and Yellow-breasted Chat are just a few of the birds we should see and hear. The restored grassland of the preserve attracts a number of specialized species such as Northern Bobwhite (which are fairly common here), Henslow’s Sparrow and possible Grasshopper Sparrow and Bobolink. While birds may be our primary focus, we expect to see many native plants, butterflies and other flora and fauna as well.

We are grateful to Bob & Ellen who graciously allow visitors to explore their property. This trip will mostly consist of light walking. Capability Farm has 10 miles of mowed trails that provide access to all of the habitats. While we will not walk all 10 miles, we will definitely dedicate most of the morning to exploring the property on foot. Our onsite trip leader, Gary Stegner, is an ASO advocate, excellent birder and experienced biologist. As close friends of the Mulford’s, Gary is also responsible for arranging this unique opportunity to tour Capability Farm.

This trip will most likely end sometime before noon. A restroom is available on the property. If you expect to see birds you will need binoculars. It will likely be hot on June26th, so to make your walk more enjoyable we suggest wearing a hat, and bringing water and sunscreen. Good footwear and insect repellent wouldn’t hurt either. Rain will not cancel this trip. If you have any questions include them in your email to Ann.

To register for this event, follow these instructions:

Due to Ann & Gary’s expertise we expect to have a great morning. Due to the unique nature of this trip we will need to set a limit on our participation. To participate, you must register beforehand. 

To do so, contact Ann Oliver at her email; Just state that you would like to participate on this walk and she will respond to you. Be sure to act quickly, as there will be a cutoff number if we get an overwhelming response. Once you have registered, Ann will email you our 7:15 AM local meeting place. From there we will caravan to Capability Farm about a 45 minute drive. We encourage car pooling if you are covid vaccinated.

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