Faith Communities Go Green

A Green Umbrella and EquaSion Collaboration

FCGG Toolkit

A. Form and Sustain a Green Team  

        • Find like-minded people
        • Get leadership support
        • Stories organized by congregation size; small, med, large  with contact information
        • Finances – (grant list), set up sustainability fund (see below)

B. Energy Audits and Road Map 

Get an Energy Audit
        • What to expect
        • The three levels
        • Resources:  name and emails (ask GU for list and help) 
Develop Your Step by Step Road Map:  EPA Energy Star Steps
        • First steps – No cost actions
        • Second steps – low cost actions
        • Third steps – small investments using savings from above steps

Finances – (grant list), set up sustainability fund (see above)

C. Education & Action  

Sustainable Lifestyle Practices Resources:  

    • All faith tradition commonalities
    • Recycle Reuse Repurpose
    • Eliminate plastic and forever chemicals
    • Food choices;  waste reduction &composting, meatless meals, buy local sustainable (link to CORV brochure), food insecurity solutions - gleaning, community gardens and orchards
    • Lower your personal carbon footprint; how, why 

Advocate for Sustainable Policy

        • Understanding the issues
        • Sign-up for action alerts

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