What is Food Policy?

Broadly defined, food policy is a set of collective decisions made by governments at all levels, businesses, and organizations that affect how food gets from the farm to your table.

A food policy can be as broad as a federal regulation on food labeling or as local and specific as a zoning law that lets city dwellers raise honeybees. Decisions range from formal pieces of legislation to voluntary guidelines and administrative processes that allow for certain programs to flourish.


The mission of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council is to advance a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system for all within Greater Cincinnati’s ten-county region through policy, systems, and environment change.



  • Create a forum that brings together stakeholders from all segments of the food system to generate new relationships and share best practices.
  • Initiate research and recommend policies that increase food security in communities as well as social and economic opportunities for food producers, distributors, and consumers throughout the region.
  • Advocate for food security through a regional food system development agenda at the city, county and regional levels.
  • Serve as a resource to the community to assist in local food system development programs and projects related to health and nutrition, land use, food waste recovery, community food assessment and local purchasing.

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Policy Agenda
2017 - 2019

    • State and local policies ensure consistent funding streams for food-security programs such as Produce Perks and the Ohio fresh food financing fund.
    • Local policies incentivize corner stores and small food retailer to sell fresh fruits and vegetables.
    • Nutrition education programs in classrooms and cafeterias, which work together with current curriculum standards, are used to help build a better student.
    • Federal, state and local food safety inspectors interpret and enforce regulations consistently across the region.
    • Regional institutions have preferential purchasing policies for local, good-food.
    • Municipalities and local governments facilitate and protect access to open land for farmers to grow food.
    • Municipal and local government policies support farmers in rural and urban communities in the Greater Cincinnati region.
    • Municipalities enact policies that allow for and support back-yard and small-scale, neighborhood composting.
    • Restaurants, schools and other area institutions have policies to divert surplus food from landfills to recovery and composting facilities.
    • Municipalities, regional governments and institutions incorporate good food production, distribution, access, and disposal in regional planning and sustainability goals and documents.
    • Municipalities, counties, businesses and foundations fund and operate loan and/or grant programs that encourage agricultural land use.

      Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council Director: 
      Michaela Oldfield 

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