Fernald Perserve

Hamilton County, Ohio

From Radioactive Waste to Wildlife Habitat

When production ended at a uranium processing facility in 1989, plans were made to clean up the contaminated site. The result is Fernald Preserve. Environmental restoration focused on improving water bodies and reintroducing native plants. The preserve’s 1050 acres of wetlands, forests, savannas, and grasslands now attract a variety of wildlife, including over 245 bird species. Fernald has a visitor center and seven miles of trails.

A quarter-mile paved handicapped-accessible trail leads to a platform overlooking a pond, wetlands, and prairie.

Protected by U.S. Department of Energy

One of the largest cleanups undertaken by the US government at that time, Fernald shows how a heavily contaminated industrial site can become a wildlife habitat. The Department of Energy’s Office of Legacy Management oversees operation and maintenance of the preserve.

Currently, a volunteer support program is in development. Interested persons may contact the visitors center at fernald@LM.doe.gov or 513-648-3330.

How to Find 

Fernald Preserve

The entrance to the site is located on Willey Road, just west of State Route 128.

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