Highland Cemetery

Nature Trails

Kenton County, Kentucky

Second-Growth Forest

The 150-acre wooded portion of the cemetery supports a second-growth forest with abundant spring wildflowers. Six miles of paths provide access to the woodland, including the Black Squirrel Trail, which passes a waterfall and the remains of a nineteenth century springhouse. Stream valleys show evidence of ancient life in fossils from the Ordovician Period.

Protected by Highland Cemetery Incorporated

Farmland was purchased to establish the cemetery in 1869. In 1990, the nonprofit cemetery’s Board of Directors decided to dedicate half of their 300 acres to a nature preserve as a gift to the community.

For more information about volunteer opportunities and supporting the preserve, contact Highland Cemetery.

How to Find Highland Cemetery Nature Trails

The cemetery is located in Fort Mitchell at 2167 Dixie Highway, just south of I-75 Exit 188. From the cemetery entrance, take all right-hand turns to reach the trailhead parking area across from the bird feeders.

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