Dearborn County, Indiana

Our Most Important Remaining Wetland

Oxbow Lake formed in 1847 when floodwaters of the Great Miami River cut a new channel, isolating a meander in the abandoned riverbed. The lake and surrounding floodplain support a wetland/farmland population of more than 290 species of birds, 65 species of butterflies, 472 species of vascular plants, and 66 species of fish. Thousands of migrating birds pass through each year.

Protected by Oxbow, Inc.

In 1985, when industrial development threatened Oxbow Lake and adjacent lands, Oxbow, Inc. formed as a land-trust conservation organization and began purchasing the property. The organization now protects 2.5 square miles of the floodplain.

You can support the work of Oxbow, Inc. by becoming a membervolunteering, or making a contribution.

How to Find the Oxbow

The protected property lies near the confluence of the Great Miami and Ohio Rivers. From exit 16 on I-275, travel 200 yards south on U.S. Route 50, turn left onto the road between the Shell/Subway and Waffle House, right at the end of the road, and left into the Oxbow, Inc. property.

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