Sharon Woods Gorge

Hamilton County, Ohio

Glacier-Carved Nature Preserve

The forested gorge of Sharon Creek was created about 20,000 years ago by large volumes of glacial meltwater descending into the Mill Creek Valley. A 90-foot cliff at the gorge is an excellent exposure of marine fossils encased in the Ordovician bedrock. This state-dedicated nature preserve lies within the 740 acres of Sharon Woods. Visitors can access the gorge by a 0.7 mile trail paralleling the creek.

Protected by Great Parks of Hamilton County

Sharon Woods, established in 1930, was the first park in Great Parks’ system.

You can support the Great Parks by volunteering or contributing to Great Parks Forever.

How to Find Sharon Woods Gorge

Sharon Woods Park, in Sharonville, has a west entrance on Lebanon Road (US Route 42) and a north entrance on East Kemper Road. The Gorge Trail runs south and west from the Sharon Lake dam. Parking is available at both ends of the trail.

Cincinnati Metro Route 67 (Downtown to Sharonville) provides access to the north entrance by public transportation.

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