Heritage Park Riverfront

Hamilton County, Ohio

Riparian Forest, Birding, and Frontier History

The best remaining bottomland forest in the region occupies the mile-long Great Miami River shoreline of Heritage Park. The mature woodland is composed of floodplain species such as cottonwood, sycamore, silver maple, box elder, and black willow, trees that are able to tolerate frequent submergence, saturated soil, and reduced soil aeration. Bald eagles nest here, and shorebirds, herons, and kingfishers frequent the river borders.

Protected by Colerain Township Parks and Services Division

The park opened in 2007 on the site of historic Dunlap’s Station, established in 1790.  In addition to conserving the tree corridor along the river, the Division assists with citizen clean-ups of the shoreline.  For contact information, see www.colerain.org/219/Parks-Services-Division.

How to Find Heritage Park Riverfront

The park entrance is at 11405 East Miami River Road, between the Colerain and Dunlap Road intersections.  Paths that begin at the boat ramp lead upstream and downstream through the bottomland forest.  The best forest stand is located downstream toward the mouth of Dunlap Run.  Some trails are Level 2 accessible for disabled persons.

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